cris mollee

creative technical person / digital ductaper

/ light designer / occasional coder, animator and graphic designer



I’m a designer working in multiple fields including scenography, theatre, graphic & web design,

I like building systems:

technical setups, networks, digital applications, interactive installations, narrative structures - and so on.

Key elements I find important are IMMERSIVITY, PHYSICAL AND SPATIAL AWARENESS during an experience and thinking about which media suits which end using TRANSMEDIALITY.

I prefer teamwork over solitude. I love working with people and companies and collaborating with them to tinker a product that suits the project. In my production proces however, I’m a very independent creator.

Worked with:

Light-Up Collective, LUWTEN, Boris Acket, Nick Verstand, Colin Benders, Maarten Vos, Lena Hessels, Nederlands Kamerkoor (NXT), WIRSINDZUHAUSE, Veras and more <3


2017 - 2018 // Moving Image, AKI ARTEZ

2018 - 2021 // Interactive Performance Design, HKU Theater

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